Lots of New Patients, Too Few Doctors

The first thing my new patient did when she walked into my office was breathe an enormous sigh of relief. “It was so hard to get this appointment with you,” she said. “It took weeks!”

Unfortunately, my patient is not alone in her struggles. It is increasingly difficult for patients to find doctors and to get appointments with primary care physicians like myself, and it is likely to get worse, not better, as millions more gain health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

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Bracing For Obamacare, 1 In 3 Health Facilities Adding Doctors

Facing an influx of newly insured patients under the Affordable Care Act and a wave of demographic trends, 31 percent of health facility managers plan to increase their
medical staffs, according to a new report.

The findings are the latest data from a nationwide survey of hospitals and medical
groups by Staff Care, a subsidiary of health care staffing firm AMN Healthcare (AHS).
The survey polled 230 hospital and medical group managers.

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