About Us

Concerned with the state of the nation’s healthcare system, former UC San Diego School of Medicine professor, Dr. Leonard Glass, began analyzing ways to help bolster the industry’s workforce. In 2010, he built the foundation of what would soon become Physician Retraining & Reentry– an online educational program created to help solve the nation’s growing physician shortage in two ways:

1) By giving retired physicians the opportunity to reenter the workforce as primary care practitioners
2) By providing working specialists with the tools necessary to practice primary care

In 2013, Dr. Glass solidified a pivotal collaboration with the UC San Diego School of Medicine – one of the leading institutions of higher learning in the country. At the same time, he recruited PRR’s leadership team from the university including Dr. David Bazzo (Chief Medical Officer), Dr. Bill Norcross (Board of Advisors) and Dr. Stephen Miller (Board of Directors). Together the team hired a group of faculty members with the strategic relationships and experience necessary to develop and finalize PRR’s curriculum and exams.

How the Physician Retraining & Reentry Program Works
Designed and written by primary care physicians and professors at UC San Diego School of Medicine, the PRR program consists of 15 online courses that cover a wide range of critical subject matter from cardiology to dermatology, medical records and more. Participants are able to work through the program at their own pace giving them ample time to master each course before taking a final examination. PRR staff also offers job placement assistance to those who complete the program by directing them to federally funded community clinics, collegiate and industrial clinics, emerging chain store clinics, hospital group clinics and V.A./military clinics.

Who Benefits
The PRR program is a great option for any licensed physician who wishes to practice primary care including:

  • Retired physicians
  • Physicians nearing retirement who wish to transition to part-time work
  • Working specialists interested in offering primary care
  • Physicians who took a leave of absence to start a family and are ready to return to work

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