Four Ways Health Care Providers Can Better Recruit Primary Care Physicians

There are four actions health care providers can — and should — take to recruit more primary care physicians, writes Physicians Retraining & Reentry CEO Thomas DeRosa in his latest article for Forbes. As the physician shortage in the U.S. grows worse, these steps will help build and retain the critical primary care workforce needed to address patient care, as well as profitability.

The four primary care physician recruitment actions Thomas outlined in “Addressing the Physician Shortage as a Health Care Provider: Recruitment Changes” are:

  1. Don’t discount the many experienced, qualified physicians whose paths did not include board certification.
  2. Partner with physician refresher training programs to tap a pipeline of freshly retrained physicians eager to provide care.
  3. Offer shadowing opportunities so recruits and current staff can get to know each other and ensure the new hire is the right fit.
  4. Be creative in how and where jobs are advertised.

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