Physician Retraining and Reentry Program Marks Milestone With 150 Graduates

Physician Retraining and Reentry, Inc., a San Diego-based program that educates and trains physicians to practice as primary care doctors, is pleased to announce it has graduated its 150th physician. Each PRR graduate brings communities one step closer to having their medical needs met — which is critical because of the nationwide physician shortage.

“I am proud to see the difference PRR graduates are making by providing primary care services in a variety of much-needed places, from overcrowded cities to rural areas,” said Dr. David Bazzo, PRR’s chief medical officer and the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine’s Interim Chair of the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health and a Clinical Professor of Family Medicine. 

Dr. Bharathi Gowda, one of the most recent PRR graduates, said she enrolled in PRR after she closed her ob/gyn practice. The Maryland physician wants to continue to practice medicine and make a difference in the community, but she realized she was at a point in her career where she didn’t want the stress of running her own practice.

“Without PRR, I never would have imagined myself in another medical field – general practice – which is the field I wanted to be in and which was very different than my long-time ob/gyn practice,” Gowda said. “The PRR program allows me to help patients and continue my new field of medicine. The online course is set up beautifully. It all went so smoothly. I could not imagine doing this any other way.”

PRR’s educational program consists of15 online modules that cover a wide range of critical subject matter, such as cardiology, dermatology, medical record management and more. At the end is a final examination and a one-day, in-person practicum. Upon completion, graduates receive 180 AMA PRA Category 1™ credits from the UC San Diego School of Medicine and a Certificate of Completion from PRR. 

The program to re-educate, transition and return experienced physicians to practice as primary care doctors was developed about 10 years ago by Dr. Leonard Glass, a former UC San Diego School of Medicine professor. Within a few years, PRR partnered with UC San Diego School of Medicine Physician Assessment and Clinical Education Program faculty who were also concerned with the physician shortage crisis in the U.S. UC San Diego’s PACE program is a nationally renowned program used by state medical boards and medical facilities to evaluate physicians and their abilities and to remediate deficiencies. 

Earlier this year, PRR announced it entered a growth investment and partnership with Teal Ventures, a leading digital healthcare venture capital firm. The partnership with Teal allows PRR to grow its online educational program.

PRR is the only physician retraining program that focuses on preparing long-tenured physicians to return to medicine. PRR graduates fill shortages at clinics and other facilities and are especially valuable in underserved communities that lack access to qualified doctors. During times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, PRR’s graduates serve on the medical frontlines and provide much-needed care. Because the course is online, physicians anywhere in the U.S. can participate.

About Physician Retraining and Reentry (PRR)

Founded in 2015, PRR offers an online educational program presented in collaboration with the University of California San Diego School of Medicine faculty to give doctors career options and help solve the nation’s growing physician shortage. PRR consists of15 online modules that cover a wide range of critical subject matter. Upon completion, graduates receive 180 AMA PRA Category 1™ credits from the UC San Diego School of Medicine and Certificate of Completion from PRR. For more information visit:

About Teal Ventures

Founded in 2019, San Diego-based Teal Ventures is an early stage venture fund working with founders, entrepreneurs and management teams focused on disruptive innovation in healthcare. The firm’s areas of focus include digital, mobile, SaaS, medical devices and artificial intelligence technologies. Teal invests early, often before seed rounds, in companies that will accelerate the commercialization of healthcare products and services, improve virtual delivery of healthcare and/or education or transform infrastructure technologies. Teal works closely with management and provides hands-on support to help build a platform for growth and success. The Teal team are startup founders and CEOs with more than 75 years combined experience in healthcare investing and operations. For more information visit:

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