Report: PRR a Physician Shortage Solution

In a report about how the primary care physician shortage in California impacts patient care, Public News Service cited Physician Retraining & Reentry for its efforts to build up the primary care physician workforce. By retraining licensed doctors as primary care physicians, PRR is working to close the care gap being created by the worsening primary care physician shortage.

California needs “more hands on deck to lighten the load,” the Public News Service report states. PRR is doing just that by providing online training to physicians who want to change specialties, are nearing retirement or want to return from time away.

“Physicians today are struggling with large caseloads, requirements to keep exams short, administrative demands, insurance requirements. And then there’s the burnout that comes with working in a deadly pandemic for the last few years,” a PRR spokesperson said in the interview with Public News Service.

The Public News Service report says a third of patients nationwide struggle to get appointments with primary care doctors, citing research recently published by the National Association of Community Health Centers. The situation is most dire for children, low-income patients and those who live in rural communities, according to the NACH.

PRR graduates often use their updated primary care skills to practice in community medical clinics to help those patients who need it most. Soon, PRR will update its curriculum to include telehealth training. Watch for more information.

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