What Makes PRR Different Than Other Physician Training Programs?

Physician Retraining & Reentry (PRR) was founded with the goal of solving the primary care physician shortage through educating and training specialists and retired physicians. This goal is what sets PRR apart from other professional development programs for physicians, including our partners at the UC San Diego Medical School’s Physician Assessment and Clinical Education (PACE) program and others offered through the Coalition for Physician Enhancement (CPE).   

The other programs generally focus on enhancing the quality of service physicians provide in their current practices. Often, physicians enroll in these other professional development programs because they were referred by a licensing authority or employers to address a deficiency in their patient care. 

PRR participants are physicians in good standing who have a desire to change their practice to, or re-enter the medical field as, a primary care physician. Since primary care physicians must have a large breadth of knowledge and skills, PRR initially provides participants an assessment to gauge where they are and what areas they will need to focus on. At the end of the PRR program, participants are tested again to assess any gaps in their training and are provided feedback from the UC San Diego Medical School faculty who partner with PRR. This interactive system with checks-and-balances is unique to PRR, and allows participants to have real-time snapshots of their progress. 

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