How the Pandemic Has Created New Demand for Older Workers

Harvard Business Review gives a shoutout to PRR.

Amid the horrifying loss of jobs brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been one countervailing force: an urgent demand for medical and technology professionals to return to work from retirement or a career break.

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Life-changing decisions doctors have had to make since the start of the pandemic

Coming out of retirement

In late February/early March, it became apparent that there just wouldn’t be enough medical personnel to provide care for the tens of thousands of incoming COVID-19 patients across the United States. Who could make up for the medical shortage? 

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Bracing For Obamacare, 1 In 3 Health Facilities Adding Doctors

Facing an influx of newly insured patients under the Affordable Care Act and a wave of demographic trends, 31 percent of health facility managers plan to increase their
medical staffs, according to a new report.

The findings are the latest data from a nationwide survey of hospitals and medical
groups by Staff Care, a subsidiary of health care staffing firm AMN Healthcare (AHS).
The survey polled 230 hospital and medical group managers.

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Solving the Shortage in Primary Care Doctors

Help_Wanted_ImageAgain and again, we hear that the country has too few doctors, particularly for primary care. And Obamacare is supposed to make the shortage much worse in the coming years as more Americans become insured and try to shoehorn themselves into already crowded medical offices. But why, exactly, are doctors in such short supply?


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