How Solving the Physician Shortage is Like Shopping for Peanut Butter: PRR CEO in Forbes

Spreading the message about how Physicians Retraining & Reentry’s program offers primary care training and refresher courses to physicians is a lot like shopping for peanut butter, writes PRR CEO Thomas DeRosa in Forbes.

In his article How to Identify and Build a Niche Target Audience for Marketing, Thomas explains how his three children all have different preferences when it comes to what they pair with their jelly. Creamy for one, crunchy for another. Only organic for one while the others like store brand. Knowing the differences in peanut butter types and preferences leads to a successful shopping trip.

Likewise, identifying and finding potential PRR participants takes similar research and strategy. PRR is not right for every doctor; therefore, we must drill down to the characteristics that are PRR’s niche target to ensure we reach them with this opportunity. Physicians looking to re-enter practice after retirement or time away, for example. PRR’s other niche targets include specialists who want to change to primary care, like surgeons or ob/gyns, or any physician who would like a primary care refresher course — perhaps to leave full-time practice to volunteer at a clinic that provides health care to low-income patients.

Understanding who PRR’s potential participants are is key to furthering the program’s mission of building the primary care physician workforce to address the physician shortage.

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