Marketing to Physicians: PRR CEO Thomas DeRosa Provides Insights in Forbes

Physician Retraining & Reentry CEO Thomas DeRosa, who was recently admitted to the prestigious Forbes Council, discusses the difference between paid media and public relations in an article published by Forbes.

Thomas uses his experience to offer insights on the challenges of reaching a niche audience — like PRR’s physicians who come from a variety of backgrounds, locations and practices.

“My company provides the opportunity for licensed physicians in the U.S. to train, or retrain, as primary care physicians – then reenter the medical field to fill gaps in a critical area of health care,” Thomas writes. “There are a number of situations for which physicians enroll in the Physicians Retraining & Reentry program: Some are retired and want to return to practice while others are winding down but aren’t quite ready to retire; some are women who took time off work to raise children and want a refresher course before returning to practice; some are specialists, like surgeons or gynecologists, who want or need to change practices; and some want primary care physician training to provide health care to underserved communities.”

Ultimately, marketing to physicians, who are sophisticated and intellectual, means going where they are: reputable publications, Thomas says he found.

This is Thomas’ first article published by Forbes. The Forbes Council is an invite-only community of business leaders who share knowledge and insights through articles, online discussions and live and virtual events.

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