Older Physicians Have Options Beyond Retirement

There’s been a lot of research on aging physicians and their ability to still deliver competent medical care. With so many of the nation’s physicians continuing to skew older, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, the question being asked is how old is too old to practice?

While there is a point where it is no longer safe for a physician to care for patients because of cognitive deficiencies, we argue that there are plenty of instances where senior physicians should and could continue practicing.

Through the Physicians Retraining & Reentry program, we have had physicians impacted by aging and medical conditions successfully reimagine their careers to continue to provide much-needed health care. Surgeons whose hands may no longer be safe to operate can still perform functions like taking blood pressure, listening to the heart and lungs and, of course, discussing symptoms and treatment options with patients. Likewise for an ob/gyn with vision impairment or older physicians who no longer have the energy to run a busy specialty practice. PRR participants include physicians like these and others who retrained as primary care physicians to address the growing physician shortage and work in areas where they are needed, including rural communities and clinics serving low-income patients.

Veteran physicians carry a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help people in need. Contact PRR to learn more!

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