Return to Patient Care: From the Lab to the Clinic

PRR RX for Success: Dr. Edit Hegyi

Dr. Edit Hegyi, a clinical pathologist who spent most of her career in laboratories, decided to switch to primary care because she wanted to work directly with patients again. She enrolled in the Physicians Retraining & Reentry Program to ensure she was prepared to practice primary care medicine. Now, she runs a single-provider office in San Diego.

“I found PRR very useful because it provided structure and held me accountable as I progressed through the program. My knowledge of general medicine is much stronger because of it,” Dr. Hegyi said.

When Dr. Hegyi was about to finish high school in Hungary, her father had some heart issues. He recovered, but the experience — including her fear and the frustration at an initial misdiagnosis — helped inspire in her a career in medicine.

Her career took her from the clinic to the laboratory where she researched hematology oncology. When she wanted to open her own primary care practice in San Diego, PRR helped with that transition.

“What is very special about primary care is it can be very gratifying to see patients coming in with a condition and being able to improve not only their health, but their life,” Dr. Hegyi said.

PRR helps licensed physicians like Dr. Hegyi transition to primary care from a variety of specialties and circumstances. If you’re ready for a change, contact us!

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