Retraining to Combat the Primary Care Physician Shortage

PRR RX for Success: Dr. Wonsick Choe

Dr. Wonsick Choe split his medical training and practice between South Korea and the United States. He attended medical school in Seoul, held an internship and residency in the U.S. and then returned to South Korea on an international program that focused on nuclear medicine.

Around 2016, Dr. Choe decided two things: He wanted to switch his practice to primary care and he wanted to do so in the U.S. While still in South Korea, Dr. Choe enrolled in and completed Physician Retraining & Reentry’s online program. After graduating PRR, Dr. Choe moved to Sacramento, Calif. to work for a Federally Qualified Health Center serving a low-income community.

 “I think it was a good decision to switch to primary care because I see how much it’s needed,” Dr. Choe says, referring to the U.S.’ primary care physician shortage.

Besides the satisfaction he feels treating patients face-to-face, Dr. Choe is happy that he can provide preventative medicine and treatment for chronic problems and minor injuries because he enjoys helping people.

Dr. Choe chose to be a part of the primary care physician shortage solution by enrolling in PRR. If you’re interested in retraining and returning to medicine as a primary care physician, contact PRR today to learn more.

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