Returning to Medicine After Time Off

PRR RX for Success: Dr. Elaine Brown

Dr. Elaine Brown went into medicine because she wanted to care for women. She completed medical school at the University of Texas and her residency at Massachusetts General Hospital and began a career doing what she loved: helping women and delivering babies.

After having her own triplets, she took time off to care for her family. Then, just as she started considering returning to work, she was hit with her own healthcare crisis. After more than a decade away from practicing medicine, Dr. Brown was ready to return.

“By then, I had taken off too much time to return to medicine without a reentry program,” Dr. Brown says. “That’s when I found PRR.”

The Physicians Retraining & Reentry program provided Dr. Brown with a great review of all areas of medicine, from cardiology and gastroenterology to neurology and dermatology. “It was like going back to medical school, in a way,” she says. “PRR would be helpful to anyone in any specialty who wants to review and learn what’s changed since they graduated medical school.”

Dr. Brown says she especially found the self-paced, online curriculum valuable. “I could do it from home online and take care of my kids at the same time,” she adds.

With her new training in primary care, Dr. Brown was hired by a large healthcare platform that provides in-home care for patients with mobility issues, including seniors. After the COVID-19 pandemic began, Dr. Brown continued to provide care via telehealth.

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